Bentley Walker Unveils iDirect iQ DVB-S2X

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Bentley Walker will shortly be launching the next generation of satellite broadband delivery over Libya using DVB-S2X Technology.

Features include:
Downstream throughput: 140Mbps*
Upstream throughput: 15Mbps*
TCP spoofed sessions: 4000

iQ Desktops one size fits all solution.

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The iQ Desktop supports a full range of DVB-S2X MODCODS up to 256APSK with a wider range of FEC rates and Adaptive TDMA featureing dual Gigabit Ethernet VLAN-aware networking ports and a very small form factor ideal for prosumer, broadband access, enterprise and mobility networks.

  • The "iPhone 7" of modems
  • 99% Libya wide beam coverage
  • Market verticals targets : Consumer, SME, WISP, Trunking Solutions, Oil and Gas

Reseller Advantages 

  • Consolidated stock holding
  • One modem staff training
  • One size fits all bandwidth capability so you can respond to a variety of service requests with one solution.

The iQ Series is iDirect’s next-generation DVB-S2/DVB-S2X remote series based on a common, future-proof hardware with software-defined architecture for maximum flexibility and expansion. Targeted for broadband, enterprise, cellular back haul and mobility applications. This advanced modem offers all the features and more of iDirect's premier product the X7 at a fraction of the cost