iDirect iQ

iQ Desktop

Some of the key features that set the iDirect iQ series apart from the rest:

The iQ series is part of iDirect’s DVB-S2/S2X series based on a future-proof hardware with software-defined architecture for maximum flexibility and expansion. This market leading product reduces the cost of hardware without sacrificing power or performance. The ultra efficient Hz to bits conversion rates ensure cost reductions are passed onto end users making satellite internet more affordable than ever. With the advancements made in modulation we have been able to create some amazing packages at unbeatable prices.

Some of the applications being used by our customers utilizing the iQ series:

Thanks to the versatility of the iDirect iQ series of modems and the savings offered by the numerous efficiency enhancements we are able to support large projects and offer bespoke quotations for a variety of scenarios. Below are just a few of the verticals already enjoying the superior connectivity offered by the iQ series of satellite modems:

For resellers and large scale deployments we are able to provide Customer Network Operator (CNO) functionality. With CNO you are able to view in real time the throughputs of your end users and review signal quality. There is also the ability to review statistics historically to aid with troubleshooting.

The iDirect iQ series of modems currently comes as 2 options:


The iQ 200 Rackmount satellite modem

The iQ 200 Rackmount satellite modem is ideal for cost-effective, small to medium enterprise and maritime applications. The iQ 200 Rackmount combines high performance iQ series features with mobility.

Download the specification sheet to find out more


The iDirect iQ Desktop satellite modem

The iQ Desktop is highly scalable and ideal for broadband access and small enterprise application.

Download the specification sheet to find out more


All of our iDirect networks support the complete range of iDirect iQ satellite modems and we utilize the very latest software release from iDirect to take full advantage of these extremely powerful and versatile satellite modems. With near global coverage, high throughput satellites (HTS), unbeatable pricing and world class support join us to experience the future of satellite internet; get a quote today.