New Network over South Iraq

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Freedomsat has launched a new high speed Ka-Band VSAT network over South Iraq, powered by the iDirect Evolution platform. The service is targeting high growth markets like oil and gas and enterprise.

Freedomsat, which operates sites across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South America, is targeting new growth opportunities, offering a blended portfolio of satellite services and capacity. South Iraq is one of the first of such opportunities, as a lack of efficient communications infrastructure across most of the region has caused more businesses to migrate towards the use of VSAT.

Key benefits:

  • High speed Ka-Band service
  • Reliable infrastructure
  • AES Ecryption for data security

Using Freedomsat oil and gas companies can perform remote station monitoring, communicating critical data back to headquarters and small-to-medium enterprises can run business continuity applications, along with VoIP and VPN services. Evolution’s built-in redundancy and seamless network failover offer the highest reliability, while its Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for commercial applications helps ensure data security for those businesses working with remote contractors across the region.

“Freedomsat is a long-time partner of iDirect and has built its market-leading brand, Freedomsat, on the iDirect Evolution platform. By leveraging the efficiency and reliability of the platform, the service provider is able to cost-effectively expand its business, meeting the needs of customers in new markets around the globe,” says Stephen Tunnicliffe, Regional Vice President, Europe, iDirect