Bandwidth management - Pt1

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Satellite internet is a great resource, but if your plan has a data allowance, you may have found yourself hitting a cap. This can be a frustrating experience, but there are some simple things you can do to make sure you don't exceed your limit. Here are some top tips for effectively managing your satellite internet usage.

Set a date for monitoring your usage so far.

Having a good routine for measuring your own internet use is the best step towards keeping under the cap. Use our customer information portal to check on how you're doing at least twice a month. Alternatively, you can also install a separate data usage meter, or bandwidth meter, from a third party. You can find many free examples on the web.

Customer information portal key benefits:

  • View your package information
  • Monitor your usage online
  • Add data tokens
  • Contact support

Additional partner benefits:

  • View your customers details
  • Monitor customer usage
  • Temporarily suspend accounts
  • Add data tokens

This is especially useful if your household or business is made up of multiple internet users - families with teens, or businesses working online together, can quickly rack up a vast amount of downloads without realising. Having a set date marked on the calendar will make it easier to monitor your overall usage, and in turn stay within your usage limit.