Web Cache

The Freedomsat Smartcache Web Cache provides storage for frequently accessed web documents, images, data and video.

Satellite internet caching is the simplest and most affordable way to improve the performance of your connection.

Freedomsat Smartcache will:


You need web caching if you:

Overloading is a common issue caused by excessive demand on the available bandwidth by users.

Heavy loading on the connection leaves no capacity available for additional users.

The appetite for bandwidth is growing exponentially with more people accessing online streaming and digital media services.

Unrestricted access to content can cause unneccesary wastage of resources.

Estimated savings based on a package costing $1130

Cost Savings

You can save up to 70% on Bandwidth within your network

You could add a minimum of 30% extra users on a cached network

Compared to other cache platforms, SmartCache supports Content Delivery Network (CDN) websites

For more details, hardware specifications and pricing please contact us.