Customer Information Portal

Manage your account with our customer information portal. View your subscription information, monitor your usage and add data as required.

The Customer Information Portal (CIP) allows both end users and partners to track usage on a daily basis and offers an historical view of usage over the last 3 months.

The agent level CIP allows you to check each of your users’ usage from a single location, enabling you to advise your customers if they have used up their quota and allowing you to advise your users if they require an upgrade or tokens.

Users can log into the CIP to view their usage, at a glance they see usage for the current month and if required they can load historical reports (last 3 months) with the ability to look at each day in more detail (usage by the hour); and activateextra data tokens.

We also provide email notifications for usage. When 75% and 100% of the monthly quota has been utilised an email is sent to the user.

Customer information portal

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