Hylas 4

Hylas 4 Coverage

Avanti’s HYLAS 4 satellite is specifically designed to provide ubiquitous high-speed coverage for customers located in areas lacking terrestrial or GSM coverage. The satellite utilizes Ka-band spectrum, meaning it is able to deliver consistent, reliable, and high speed broadband services. Both the satellite itself and Avanti’s network have been optimised to deliver resilience, so the service is not affected by atmospheric conditions or the distance from the local telephone exchange. This means customers receive a highly efficient, quality service no matter where they are.

Freedomsat is working with Avanti because of their extensive experience in providing cost effective, resilient and high throughput Ka-band satellite connectivity, enabling customers in the Broadband, Enterprise, Carrier and Government sectors to achieve their goals. Avanti’s service can integrate with our Hughes, iDirect and Newtec platforms, giving Freedomsat the flexibility to implement the right technology to meet our customers’ requirements.


Perfect for organisations or companies with operations in rural areas and those who are underserved by terrestrial broadband suppliers

Suitable for homes and various sized businesses in all sectors

It doesn’t matter how far away the property is from the telephone exchange

Quick Deployment

Small and discrete