Hughes Jupiter

HT2000 Background

Introducing Jupiter by Hughes

Hughes have been providing hardware and network infrastructure since the satellite market established itself and their latest offering, ‘Jupiter’, is a culmination of all these years of experience. The Jupiter system has been developed with both industry leading performance and ease of installation in mind, so is well suited to both the broadband and enterprise markets.


A lot of power packed into a small package

Hughes has developed the Jupiter satellite modem to increase its power whilst reducing the size of the hardware. Below are just some of the many new features of the Jupiter system:


An efficient cost effective solution

Hughes has also been working hard to develop and improve the efficiency of the space link which has enabled us as operators to provide some amazing plans at unbeatable prices. Hughes have successfully adopted DVB-S2X ACM modulation, up to 32APSK, allowing the Jupiter system to achieve speeds up to 300Mbps.


Enterprise application support

Thanks to the hardware developments and improved efficiencies the Jupiter system is capable of supporting the most demanding of enterprise applications. Below is a list of the most popular applications:

We have rolled out our Jupiter networks with the highly capable Jupiter HT2000 satellite modem, you can download the full specification sheet HERE or check out this infographic to discover the possibilities unlocked by Jupiter.

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