Freedomsat Satellite Internet solutions are powered by the world's leading technologies, ensuring that our networks are both fast and reliable.


Establishing a reliable, high performance connection relies on the right equipment. We are a technology neutral company that selects the best equipment for the job.

  • Leading hardware vendors
  • Wide choice of products for every market
  • Latest technology

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Our chosen fleet of satellites provides us with unrivalled coverage in the regions that need it most. We partner with many of the top satellite operators.

  • Global satellite fleet provided by Avanti communications, Eutelsat and Telesat
  • Unrivalled coverage in our regions of operation
  • Operating in Ku-Band, C-Band and Ka-Band

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Freedomsat provides a range of tools designed to empower it's users and partners. Manage your systems, usage and account with our comprehensive suite of tools.

  • Manage your account
  • Monitor your service and usage
  • Add data tokens

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Value added

Freedomsat value added products enhance our services and allow you to achieve more through additional hardware, software and services.

  • Voice and data enhancements
  • Content filtering

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