Answers to frequently asked questions about Freedomsat Internet

What type of cable should I use?

High quality (Webro/Belden/Commscope to name but a few) WF100/RG6 with a copper core and shielding for runs up to 30mtrs, beyond 30mtrs you will need to use WF165 (no greater than 50mtrs).

You will also need to ensure that quality connectors are used, snap and seal connectors are ideal. Crimp on connectors vary in quality and are not consistent.

It is recommended that you purchase cable and connectors from Bentley Walker to ensure that you do not end up with cheaper imitations. We also have the ability to pre-make cables to desired lengths.

What is the Registration ID for my Hughes modem?

This is not required. Please refer to the Hughes Installation Guide.

Download Hughes Installation Guide

Can I run two (or more) modems from one dish?

No. You can only operate one modem per dish.

How do I access my modems web interface?

Most satellite modems can be accessed from a web browser locally using a default address:



If you are unable to load the modems web interface it is recommended that you connect a single PC directly to the satellite modem (setting your network card to “Obtain IP and DNS information automatically).

Why is the “Power” light flashing on my Hughes modem?

This indicates that the modem is running on fallback software, this status is common with new installations. If this status occurs during normal operation please try rebooting the modem, if the issue persists after rebooting please contact the Bentley Walker support team (a support ticket is recommended).

Why is the “System” light flashing on my Hughes modem?

This indicates that the connection between your satellite modem and the Network Operations Centre (NOC) is down. Try rebooting the modem, if the issue persists please obtain the RX and TX error codes along with the value of signal strength from the system status page ( and contact the Bentley Walker support team.

Can I use VPN over my satellite connection?

Yes, VPN does work over satellite. We recommend using SSL based VPN to deliver the best performance.

Can I install a LAN router to split the connection amongst multiple devices?

Yes. You will need to install a cable type router, not an ADSL modem router. Ensure that the WAN interface is set to “Dynamic” DHCP.

Why is my connection running slowly?

There is no one answer to this question. Common causes of poor performance:

  • Poor dish alignment (causes packet loss)
  • Poor weather (this can cause a drop in signal and cause packet loss)
  • Quota has been completely used (throughputs become restricted)
  • Too many devices or users trying to access your connection (this can cause sporadic connectivity depending on user activities – a reduction in users or an upgrade may cure this)
  • Degradation caused by customer network (low WiFi signal or use of sub 100Mbps full duplex LAN equipment and packet loss on LAN)

It is always recommended that you connect a single PC directly to the satellite modem to complete a speed test.

If your results give any cause for concern we would urge you to submit an online support ticket to escalate the issue (speed test results will be required in the ticket).

Will remaining data roll over to next month if I do not completely use my quota?

No. Any unused data will be lost at the end of the month when the reset occurs. You will receive a new allocation of data.

What happens when I completely use my quota?

If you completely use your quota your throughputs will be restricted, allowing for only basic activities such as browsing. There are no additional charges for exceeding your quota.

Can I restore my throughputs prior to the quota reset?

Yes. There are two ways to restore regular throughputs prior to the quota rest:

  1. Purchase Data Tokens
  2. Purchase an upgrade

Data tokens (1000MB/1GB) can be purchased; these will restore throughputs until the data token is completely used. These are recommended if you are nearing the quota reset or if a one off large download or upload triggered you to completely use your quota. It is worth noting that any partly used tokens will be lost when the quota resets.

An upgrade is recommended for users who continually exceed their data quota, if opting for an upgrade you will need to take into consideration data already used as an upgrade will not reset current usage.

What is the Data Free Period?

This is a value added feature added to your service, data passed during this time is not counted towards your quota. It is recommended that any large downloads/uploads are scheduled for this time (for example, system updates and cloud backups). The data free period varies from region to region but is published on the Grade of Service document.

Why does the Customer Information Portal log data passed during the Data Free period?

All data is logged by the CIP, however; data passed during the data free period is not added to your quota.

What throughputs can I expect?

Freedom plans are shared plans, and as such are contended by the number of active users and volume of traffic at any given time. We guarantee that you will be able to consume your quota within a calendar month (a minimum throughput is required to achieve this). Dedicated users will receive the throughputs that they are subscribed to minus any protocol transport overheads. For ISP plans we guarantee a minimum of the advertised contention ratio. For example 10:1.

Can I play online games?

You can play non-real time games online, but anything that requires a real time response, such as first person shooters (Call of Duty for example) will not work due to the inherent latency of satellite connectivity.

How do I track my usage?

Typically the quota resets at the end of each calendar month. Dedicated and ISP plans do not have a quota, and so data is not actively tracked.

The Customer Information Portal tracks usage for quota based plans, links to the various Customer Information Portals can be found on the Product Support pages:

Visit Product Support

Can I have a public IP address?

Our business plans provide an optional Public IP address, available on request.