Coronavirus Covid-19 and working from home

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Coronavirus Covid-19 and working from home

As coronavirus spreads globally, business, government and health services are looking at ways to minimise the spread as much as possible and allow their countries to continue to function. In the UK the government has published its plan to handle the coronavirus offering both guidance and assurances to the public and business leaders. It is becoming clear that the we have not seen the peak of the global spread and daily we are seeing reports of more cases in countries around the world.

Both Iran and Italy have recently announced the closure of schools and high education centres and in some instances imposing city wide lockdowns with the aim of stopping the further spread of the virus. Imposing such restrictions is a huge undertaking and a decision that would not have been taken lightly but with people confined to their homes how do businesses cope? Businesses such as industry or production lines simply cannot continue to work as their work force is unable to get to work, however those working in offices have the ability to work from home – telecommuting. We recently released an article on our UK website all about telecommuting and the technologies required to get setup and working from home. With the risk of the virus spreading we have seen the implementation of technology and the internet to remove the need for physical contact, such as doctors taking appointments via video chat services and people ordering groceries and prescriptions online.

At times like this it really highlights those in locations not covered by fibre internet or traditional copper ADSL connections but there are internet connectivity solutions that reach anywhere, as a global satellite internet service provider we have the ability to provide high speed internet connectivity anywhere. With speeds up to 50Mbps down and 10Mbps up satellite is helping more and more people get online with the ability to use applications and perform tasks that others take for granted. In the UK we have also introduced unlimited 4G wireless internet which offers both super-fast speeds and lower latency, ideal for working from home.

For further details and advice concerning working from home using satellite, 4G and VPN connectivity please contact our sales team on detailing your requirements and we will be pleased to offer our recommendations.