Bentley Walker partners with Aquiva Wireless in Zimbabwe

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Harare, Zimbabwe and Hampshire, UK 19th March 2016. Bentley Walker, one of the world's foremost service providers for broadband satellite Internet, has partnered with Aquiva, one of Africa's leading Internet Access Suppliers, to bring its range of Freedomsat Ka-band services to the Zimbabwe market.

Satellite Internet helps businesses in Zimbabwe

The Hughes VSAT terminals are 2-way high throughput terminals supporting Internet access, VoIP, video and multicast amongst its range of IP services. Developed to operate with the latest generation of high throughput Ka-band satellites, the Hughes Network modems havebeen designed to meet the demands of the consumer, SME and B2B marketplace.
Anthony Walker, CEO of Bentley Walker, said: "We are delighted with the establishment of this new partnership with Aquiva because of their excellent reputation in the market. The Virtual Network Management utilities we have developed enables Aquiva to best support their customers by enabling, disabling and monitoring their sites in real time and independently of a third party."

Petros Muchato, Chief Commercial Officer of Aquiva, said: "The high bandwidth available to users enables delivery of faster speeds at affordable costs. With enduser equipment stock already in-country we are excited as our subscribers are able to be without any delays and will be able to watch movies, make cheaper VoIP phone calls, and browse the Web at the same time with this solution."
The Freedomsat service will provide reliable high-speed broadband Internet access across the country via a Hughes HN hub installed at Avanti's Earthstation at Goonhilly, Cornwall, UK. The new service will make use of Avanti's HYLAS 2 Ka-band capacity which was launched in August 2012.

While Ka-band offers potential in a range of market segments across Zimbabwe, including corporate, government, education and transport, the company sees most opportunities for growth in high-speed satellite Internet access for consumers and in tourism. Aquiva Wireless was the first company to be fully compliant with the new promulgated regulations in 2015 as the sector undergoes reforms which align it with global trends.
About Bentley Walker

Bentley Walker is ranked as the largest supplier and operator of VSAT Networks outside of North America. Comsys independently audited Bentley Walker as having around 45% of the Market in Europe and the Middle East, to date having sold and brought online over 40,000 VSATs.

Bentley Walker Ltd and Bentley Telecom are both privately owned Companies, the former started in 1947 by the Late LT Commander C Walker (George Cross DSC, DSO, DFC) RNVR in 1947 and is currently run and owned by Mr. Anthony Walker and Mr. Matthew Walker.

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About Aquiva

Aquiva Wireless is a communication solutions provider that offers Satellite, WiMax, Fibre-based connectivity solutions including VoIP in Africa. Established in 2007, Aquiva Wireless is an Internet Access Provider Class "A" telecommunications Operator licensed by The Post and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) in January of 2010.

The company has consistently delivered wireless and metro high-quality, cost-effective and efficient communication solutions to telcos, ISPs, governments, enterprise customers and residential users.

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