How it works

Freedomsat for the home delivers a High speed internet service using two-way communications satellites.

Using a simple modem and dish setup, connect to the internet via Satellite with no telephone line required. Transmit and receive data much like any terrestrial or wireless data services without the constraints of a wired service.


Simple installation and setup

Order Freedomsat service and it can be installed either by one of our trusted partners or with some practical knowledge is suitable for self installation.

  • Trusted partners in country provide installation services
  • Simple step-by-step installation guides for self installation
  • Installation support provided

Always on connection

Providing the system is powered on you can enjoy always on connectivity with Freedomsat. Your broadband satellite internet modem remains connected to the satellite at all times.

  • Always connected
  • Simple to monitor connection status locally
  • Guaranteed service levels

Monitor your usage

Monitoring your usage ensures that you are using the right service plan for your needs. Our customer portal provides detailed traffic statistics. If you need more data it is simple to upgrade or add data tokens to your existing service plan.

  • Track your usage online
  • Upgrade any time
  • Add data tokens to boost your service
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