Superfast Corporate satellite internet connection

Freedomsat continues to strengthen support for military coalition forces and contractors operating in regions such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and supporting regions such as Kuwait by supplying robust data trunking solutions. Price per Mbps most competitive in the Middle East

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Typical Corporate satellite solution

  • Fixed or Mobile portable Ka-band Internet system (fast, compact, reliable and secure)
  • Optional Link encryption for secure communications
  • Layer 2 over satellite where requested
  • Fast delivery of equipment to any location
  • Equipment held in country in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya

Freedomsat working for you

  • Latest generation networks. We operate the latest generation high speed Ka-Band networks for fast, reliable and secure communications.
  • On base stock ready for when you deploy. We provide systems stocked in country ready to be activated where needed.
  • Flexible service plans. Our service plans accommodate the requirements of all scales to meet even the most demanding data intensive applications.

Freedomsat service and benefits

  • Unrivalled support/IP engineering team. We are here to support you 7 days a week.
  • Corporate connectivity/VPN. All of our services are compatible with industry standard VPN.
  • VoIP. Gateway services are available with local number assignment (USA etc.)
  • Fixed and mobile VSAT terminals. We supply both fixed and highly portable hardware.