Dedicated Bandwidth

Dedicated bandwidth is for users who require a fixed speed and no data restrictions; with terrestrial broadband internet dedicated bandwidth is often referred to as a leased line. It is important not to confuse our dedicated bandwidth plans with our unlimited plans, dedicated bandwidth is uncontended (1:1) and you will receive the speeds that you have subscribed to whereas unlimited plans are contended (shared) at typically 5:1 or 10:1. With dedicated bandwidth you also have the ability to customise your plan starting at 1Mbps scaling up as your requirements grow, this bespoke approach puts you in control ensuring that you only pay for what you need.

Who uses Dedicated Bandwidth?

Thanks to our investment in the latest technology and our partnership with iDirect, we are utilising the iDirect iQ Series to power our Dedicated Bandwidth plans which has massively reduced the cost of hardware and dramatically increased the scale and speeds achievable. With the iDirect iQ Series at the heart of your network you can enjoy speeds up to 200Mbps down and 40Mbps up. Driven by the cost, flexibility and performance dedicated bandwidth has proven popular with the below verticals:

  • Small/Large Enterprise
  • Industry (Oil/Gas/factories)
  • Military Welfare
  • Contractors
  • Banking (ATMs and remote branches)
  • Renewable Energy Sector

Dedicated bandwidth is available across all Bentley Walker Freedomsat networks and is now powered by the powerful iDirect iQ Series, providing speeds up to 200Mbps down and 40Mbps up.

How much does Dedicated Bandwidth cost?

Thanks to our investment in the latest technology and the power of the iDirect iQ Series we are able to offer truly unbeatable Dedicated Bandwidth pricing:

  • Ka-band from $550 per Mbps*
  • Ku-band from $850 per Mbps*
  • C-band from $1150 per Mbps*

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*Pricing will be dictated by your location within our coverage, the size of your antenna and the length of contract.

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