Data Trunking

Satellite Data Trunking networks provide local networks with high bandwidth data access to the internet (or any other type of network) from a remote access point to the backbone.




Data Trunking Over Satellite

Providing IP Trunking and Backbone services to the Enterprise, ISPs and Telecom operators requires constant scrutinizing of the operational expenses due to a highly competitive market with razor thin margins. Satellite service providers, teleports and satellite operators that provide these services are faced with new and complex challenges to maintain their competitiveness, while remaining profitable.

Fortunately, satellite network solutions are ready for the journey ahead, thanks to reductions in capacity pricing, new advances in ground segment technology and lower-cost access networks. VSAT solutions featuring DVB-S2X and high-speed Adaptive Time Division Multiple Access (ATDMA) are now considered a competitive technology to fibre and microwave for efficiently backhauling IP data trunking or 4G/LTE traffic. Plus, High Throughput Satellites (HTS) now offer greatly increased capacity compared with previous generations of satellite technology up to 200Mbps down and 40 mbps up.

iDirect’s IP data trunking solution is designed to take full advantage of HTS, and our iQ series remotes, deployed across all KA, KU and C band networks can easily expand via software-defined capabilities to add new throughput capabilities and features as the growing network requires. Our IP backhaul solution lets the Enterprise or Service provider substantially reduce bandwidth costs, enabling network providers to rapidly and cost-effectively expand their services.

How much does data trunking cost?

Thanks to our investment in the latest technology and the power of the iDirect iQ Series we are able to offer truly unbeatable Dedicated Bandwidth pricing:

  • Ka-band from $550 per Mbps*
  • Ku-band from $850 per Mbps*
  • C-band from $1150 per Mbps*

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*Pricing will be dictated by your location within our coverage, the size of your antenna and the length of contract.

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