Satellite Internet Keeping Military Contractors Connected World Wide

With near global coverage and advancements in technology, satellite internet connectivity is keeping military contractors connected in some of the most extreme and hostile environments.

The challenge

Military contractors often work in remote, hostile environments - usually regions in ongoing conflicts with damaged or no local infrastructure, making communications extremely difficult. When you are in high risk environments where anything can happen, communication is vital to ensure that the safety and security of personnel and assets is maintained.

Military contractors perform a wide variety of tasks and as a result can have varied requirements, examples being:


Managing activities and sharing of information throughout the organization. Connecting to company networks and databases to support logistics, reporting and other remote working applications.


Providing eLearning facilities to staff and clients. With a global work force, contractors are ever relying on the delivery of lectures and courses via interactive eLearning portals; these can use combinations of virtual classrooms and video lectures.


Remote monitoring of sensors and cameras. With assets and installation located worldwide the ability to remotely monitor surveillance cameras, drones and sensors is crucial.


Many businesses are recognising the importance of enabling their employees to maintain as normal a life as possible, despite their remote deployment.


The solution

With near global coverage and advancements in technology, satellite internet connectivity has become an invaluable tool providing connectivity to the most remote and hostile environments. The latest satellite technology has seen huge improvements in speeds and stability with enhanced user interfaces to allow for easy setup.

Satellite internet connectivity is highly versatile and has hardware options to support fixed or mobile configurations. For users that frequently change location there is even an auto deploy configuration that enables the satellite system to self-align and re-join the network within a matter of minutes.

Key Benefits:


How it works

In its most basic form, a fixed satellite dish is installed at the remote location with cables connecting to a satellite modem; an ethernet cable connects to your LAN. No telephone line is required, and only basic knowledge is required to setup the equipment, configuration usually requiring no more than a file being uploaded to the satellite modem via a web interface.

Why choose Bentley Walker Freedomsat

Bentley Walker have been providing high speed satellite internet connectivity throughout the world for over 20 years and have a vast amount of experience operating with military contractors and NGOs. Our experience allows us to ensure the smooth delivery of your equipment no matter where you are in the world and our expert support team are on hand to guide you through the setup and activation of your system.


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