Vital Communications for Building New Communities.

Significant investment in building infrastructure in The Kurdish region’s Capital, Erbil signifies the cities role in becoming the Middle East’s latest economic prospect. Beyond Erbil, the whole of Iraq is showing positive growth and a surge in property development is at the heart of it.

The challenge

Supporting infrastructure for rapid property development can take years to implement and is regarded as a significant challenge for project planners due to environmental factors and bureaucracy. Supply of services such as internet and telephony should be a primary consideration but are often left until long after developments are completed.

The Solution

Building sustainable, high-speed communications without access to infrastructure is now possible with Satellite Internet at an unprecedented price point. Ka-band Satellite Internet performance, efficiency and pricing factors have led the technology into the mainstream.

High capacity dedicated bandwidth for apartment or office block services are fed into a single access point with multi megabit dedicated capacity. Bandwidth is shared via wired or wireless local network to individual locations. User access and control is handled by local bandwidth management quality-of-service hardware. The implementation provides a centrally managed, scalable solution that negates the need for existing infrastructure.

Start-up investment cost is significantly reduced through attractive quantity capacity dedicated pricing and hardware subsidies. Single user shared access for homes and business. A single Satellite Internet system is directly installed in the location. Suitable for Home/Soho users, a complete VSAT system modem and optional bandwidth management router are supplied for individual use. The systems are easily transported and installed for fast rollout in regions with high demand. Hardware is supplied to in country warehouse stockists for simplified logistics.

The implementation provides low cost shared Internet and Voice services, with generous data allowances and a price point comparable to terrestrial wired consumer services with no infrastructure dependence.

Key Benefits: