Communications for NGOs using Satellite Internet

NGOs and charities working in remote areas are faced with communication challenges.

Satellite Internet provides reliable and robust communications to even the most difficult locations.

The challenge

NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and charities working in remote areas are faced with communication challenges. This is notable in some of the more disrupted locations. This being the case it can take days to pass information and data from one place to another. Travelling long distances and in many cases during civil unrest, takes a tremendous amount of time, cost and resources.

NGOs provide important services to remote locations in a variety of roles:

Disaster relief and support

A fast response to disasters to provide humanitarian aid. Support services can include infrastructure, medical services, shelter and provisions. The ability to communicate during dynamic situations such as natural disaster is key.

Operations and welfare

Managing activities and sharing of information among peer groups. Providing welfare Internet access for staff, families and businesses. Maintaining the daily operations of the organisation using online services can reduce management burden.


Online learning facilities for communities. Schools, education centres and seminars. Educational facilities are delivered to remote locations without investing in infrastructure. Such services can take the form of live tutoring, scheduled broadcasts and e-learning portals.

Fundraising and awareness

Use of online services to raise money and bring awareness to current events. Fundraising is an ongoing effort for NGOs. According to the 2016 Global NGO Online Technology Report*, only 52% of African NGOs accept online donations and only 46% publish regular blogs. Raising awareness using social media and live streaming can quickly draw the world’s attention to current events.  The majority of NGOs also agree that social media is an effective fundraising medium.

To ensure the success of such projects, efficient communications are a necessity.  The ability to share information and access the cloud has become a vital tool in helping NGOs to achieve their goals.

Having no or little infrastructure in these countries is commonplace. Internet access in isolated locations is an ongoing concern. The further from the main city hubs they are the more intrusive this issue becomes.

How do these organisations communicate with these remote locations and deliver valuable operational information?

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The Solution

Satellite internet has become an invaluable tool, not only in its simplicity of deployment but also in choice of location. NGOs utilising these systems are able to provide instant communications to remote sites

Providing reliable connectivity to these locations is integral to project success. Satellite based Internet systems have advanced to a stage where they deliver high speed broadband with a lower cost of entry.

A range of Satellite Internet hardware, both fixed and mobile is available. The equipment is smaller and portable with rapid auto deployment solutions available. 

Key Benefits:

How it works

Internet connectivity via Satellite requires a simple dish installed on the premises connected to a satellite modem. No phone line required. High speed connectivity to the Internet is provided by communications satellites for fast broadband no matter where you are.

About us

Freedomsat is a high-speed Satellite Internet solution that delivers fast and reliable internet to difficult to connect spots around the world. Powered by industry leader Bentley Walker, with over 20 years providing Satellite Broadband solutions around the globe.

*Source Techreport