Meeting the evolving needs of the Oil & Gas market

Freedomsat combines unrivalled experience in VSAT and technology innovation to deliver high throughput, ultra resilient and cost effective Satellite Internet connectivity to the Oil and Gas sector. We help meet the evolving communication demands of Oil and Gas companies by providing vital connectivity through IP data services to remote regions.


The challenge

The global demand for energy is at an all time high. In the oil and gas industry further exploration efforts are being made to seek out new sources of energy reserves. Remote sites are often in outlying, difficult territories that lie far beyond the reach of traditional infrastructure.

Not only is there a need for online communications in these regions but that requirement is evolving beyond basic internet connectivity. Operational systems observation and control in real time, site security and monitoring and personnel welfare result in a high bandwidth demand. Real time streaming data, voice & video are now at the forefront of the push to unified communications.

The costs incurred through lack of communications are severe and as such reliability and resilience in often tough conditions is paramount as any downtime can have catastrophic effects.

With the advent of high throughput Satellites (HTS), the landscape of Satellite Internet has changed, bringing improved speeds and lower costs. Ka-band systems are at the forefront, providing smaller, portable hardware which provides improved mobility, hardware efficiency and is cost effective.

The Solution

For remote stations, we provide high performance capability combined with the flexibility to scale Bandwidth as required.

The systems support a diverse range of applications for monitoring (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition - SCADA), collaboration and welfare. Specialised routing and VPN services are available to provide integrated service interconnectivity to corporate network infrastructure. Optional features of the solution include redundant links and where sites are roaming, mobile motorised platforms.

Seamless operations are crucial to successful and safe operations. We partner with in-country support teams for installation and maintenance. In addition, our UK support desk is manned 7 days a week. Network monitoring is carried our 24x7x365. A comprehensive suite of monitoring and control tools are provided to ensure all aspects of connectivity are under your control.

Far reaching
Bentley Walker collaborates with a number of Satellite operators providing access to a global fleet of Satellites with premium coverage in key regions. Negating the constraints of using a single operator’s fleet, we offer the best service coverage for your location without compromise.

Key Benefits: