Creating smart farms with Satellite Internet

The emergence of Agri-tech is changing the landscape of today's farming.

Access to data relies on connectivity and we help solve the challenges of rural communication with high speed Satellite Internet.


The challenge

Modern farming relies on data. From climate change patterns to soil monitoring and livestock health records. All that data needs storage and for the information to be scalable the cloud is the obvious choice.

For many farmers there is an immediate barrier to entry in the form of reliable connectivity. Agricultural land is often set back from the general population in remote rural areas. The incumbent telecommunications providers are often unwilling to invest in the infrastructure to support a small but important group of people.

With the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT), more smart devices are able to connect to the internet with intelligent data feedback mechanisms. What does this mean for the smart farm?

Typical applications in agriculture allow farmers to:

Gather data from many sensors

Climate, crops, livestock and even machinery all have feedback mechanisms. Sensors can be used to increase yield and standard of crops and improve quality of life for livestock as a result of data reports and analysis. GPS, monitoring sensors and weather stations all contribute to removing the human elements of guess work and gut instinct which will ultimately lead to a better product.

Manage the business operations online

From operations to banking/finance and sales/marketing, all aspect of the business are managed online. By becoming an online business, famers are opening themselves to a wider market and implying the running of the business. Online marketing, portals, messaging services and even voice and video bring a wealth of opportunity and simplicity to the day to day business.

Track energy consumption and output

A big driver for connecting farmers is the monitoring and reduction of energy consumption and output. Efforts to become greener and pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are a big focus in today’s agriculture. Many farmers are turning to alternative energy sources such as biogas production, wind and solar in order to produce low carbon energy and reduce their carbon footprint in line with the current guidelines. Tracking energy output and consumption is vital in order to become energy efficient, reduce emissions and save money.

Maintain security and manage the fleet

Farm thefts are responsible for millions in costs annually. Managing farm security with online CCTV monitoring and notification systems prevents unwanted losses. Fleet management allows tracking of vehicles for business monitoring, anti-theft and insurance purposes. Fleet management typically provides tracking, vehicle diagnostics and fuel monitoring which all combine to reduce unauthorised use, wear and fuel wastage.

Smart Farming IoT sensors

Using a single Satellite Internet system and wireless networking across the farm, multiple devices can connect simply, reliably and inexpensively to high speed broadband.

The Solution

How Satellite Internet can help

Fast Internet connectivity is necessary in order to facilitate the use of these connected services. When faced with poor connectivity through copper wire or no connectivity, all of the potential benefits are lost. With high speed Satellite Internet connectivity these valuable assets become immediately without any additional investment in traditional infrastructure. Low cost of entry means rural businesses of all sizes gain access to online services and data storage. The ability to increase yields, compete in the online marketplace as well as improve daily operations and save money all lead to a more robust business which is more likely to exhibit health growth.

How it works

Internet connectivity via Satellite requires a simple dish installed on the premises connected to a satellite modem. No phone line required. High speed connectivity to the Internet is provided by communications satellites for fast broadband no matter where you are.

Key Benefits


About us

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