Our networks connect your business, no matter where you are. View our case studies and discover how Freedomsat services connect many of the world's top companies to the internet via high speed satellites.

Meeting the evolving needs of the Oil & Gas market

Freedomsat combines unrivalled experience in VSAT and technology innovation to deliver high throughput, ultra resilient and cost effective Satellite Internet connectivity to the Oil and Gas sector. We help meet the evolving communication demands of Oil and Gas companies by providing vital connectivity through IP data services to remote regions.

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Creating smart farms with Satellite Internet

The emergence of Agri-tech is changing the landscape of today's farming. Access to data relies on connectivity and we help solve the challenges of rural communication with high speed Satellite Internet.

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FreedomSat Africa and Konnect Africa Join Forces to Offer a Reliable Internet Connection

Although many of us take the Internet for granted, there’s no denying the benefits it can bring to users who may not have access to utilities and services otherwise.

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