Case Studies

Freedomsat helps thousands of people succeed in getting online. Visit our case studies and see how we aid our users in delivering their communication goals.


We connect thousands of users to the internet in difficult to connect spots around the world. View our case studies and discover how we are using high speed Satellites to bring internet connectivity and digital entertainment to the home.

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Our networks connect your business, no matter where you are. View our case studies and discover how Freedomsat services connect many of the world's top companies to the internet via high speed satellites.

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Learn about our work with our global partners on exciting local projects. View our case studies and see how we help build reliable and sustainable communications using internet via satellite.

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Military Contractors

Freedomsat provides secure and reliable connectivity anywhere in the world, allowing military contractors to operate in some of the most challenging environments including regions with damaged or no infrastructure.

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Freedomsat enables its partners to serve the communication needs of their customers and build sustainable, high profit businesses. Learn about how we have helped to build successful businesses in emerging markets.

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