Our services deliver a solution to those in Iraq looking for a fast reliable internet connection without the normal challenges presented by the local infrastructure; using satellite internet to get online can mean complete independence from the constraints of the existing telecoms networks.



Business packages

View our range of business packages and choose a service that meets your needs. All plans include the same benefits as our home packages plus optional extras such as public IP addresses.

Package Monthly allowance (GB) Downstream (Kbps) Upstream (Kbps) Data reset days Price
Freedom 60 60 4096 2048 Monthly POA
Freedom 80 80 5168 2048 Monthly POA
Freedom 100 100 5168 2048 Monthly POA
Freedom 150 150 6144 2048 Monthly POA
Freedom 200 200 8192 2048 monthly POA
Freedom 300 300 8192 2048 monthly POA
Freedom 360 360 8192 2048 monthly POA

Kbps = Kilobits per second. Maximum capable headline rate.

POA = Pricing on application. Please contact us for pricing information.

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