Satellite Internet services for military and defense contractors

Freedomsat provides robust communications for modern deployments.

Introducing Satellite Operational Support Service

Since 2003 we have continued to assist those helping to bring resolution to conflict areas by providing Internet services and connectivity for both mission critical and welfare communications. Bentley Walker continues to strengthen our support for military coalition forces and contractors operating in Afghanistan, Iraq and supporting regions such as Kuwait by launching our Satellite Operational Support Service (SOSS).

SOSS is turn key yet flexible solution developed to meet the evolving and varied needs of current operational deployments.

Typical SOSS components:

Our services at a glance:

We operate the latest generation high speed Ka-Band networks for fast, reliable communications.

Establishing a connection to the internet in difficult conditions presents challenges such as procurement and logistics. We provide systems stocked in country ready to be activated where needed.

We supply both fixed and mobile portable hardware.

Our service plans accommodate requirements of all sizes scale to meet even the most demanding data requirements and bespoke bandwidth plans available.

We are here to support you 7 days a week. If you have a requirement for services, capacity and hardware for both fixed and fast deployed portable systems, contact us outlining your requirements and we will be pleased to help you with your goals.

All our services our compatible with industry standard VPN connectivity.

VoIP gateway services are available with USA local number assignment.

Trusted by these companies:

Insitu Boeing Lockheed Martin L3 Communications Raytheon
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