Freedomsat is at the forefront of the delivery of Ka-band Satellite Internet technology, serving Libya with faster and more affordable Internet access. The Freedomsat Satellite Internet service not only covers Tripoli and Benghazi, but the whole of Libya, giving businesses and individuals alike the chance to upgrade their broadband connectivity.

Satellite Internet for all of Libya

We deliver our satellite internet services straight from Avanti's Hylas 2 satellite to a 74cm dish antenna on the receiver's end, freeing our Libyan customers from the incumbent infrastructure by allowing them to communicate directly with the Internet.

Directing its multiple Ka-band spot beams over the Middle East and Africa, Hylas 2 allows Freedomsat to offer a greater broadband capacity across the whole of Libya resulting in outstanding value and quality of service to all.

Every Satellite Internet package includes:

  • Fast, reliable broadband coverage
  • Secure, out of country, infrastructure
  • Pay online and get online the same day*
  • Personal and business account options